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Tips to Write Amazing Essay CSS, PMS and other exam – Specially for CSS


Tips to Write Amazing Essay CSS, PMS and other exam – Specially in CSS

Hello everyone today i will discuss how to write awesome essay for css. How can you get more marks in essay paper. When you start essay there is principle. We follow these principle to write an amazing essay. We have to utilize those principles well then we write effective essay. You have to realize that writing a proper essay  depends on your luck and chances. It depends on how the examiner is going to perceive it. How the examiner is in the  mood. All these things like really the chance element is huge. When people are studying for essay I strongly suggest that you have to read for minimum  of two month.

  1. The first point for essay is you have to write 10 to 15 mock essay. Otherwise you will not be able to get grasp of how much time you are going to take to write proper essay. How much it is actually going to take time in the exam in the pressure situation to express your thought, opinions, and conclusion. The most important things you need to do mock test.
  2. When you are sitting in examination Hall you have a lots of choices.  First of all you have figure which essay you have to write. When you are choosing the topic go for scientific, logical and rational topics. If you choose scientific topic and you are above average student then you get good marks. But if you are below average student then you will not get good marks. If you are an Arts student and  philosophy  as an optional then choose that one. Always choose a topic which you have comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with Arts essay then go with the scientific and rational. In Arts or Philosophical essay if you get wrong interpretation then can be completely devastated.
  3. One another thing for essay is do not write paragraph in bullet form. Try to write paragraph don’t write in bullet forms. don’t draw fancy writing e.g. diagrams flowcharts etc. It does not help in essay writing. In you complete essay try to write introduction, body and conclusion in your own words. Don’t write introduction then again introduction. It is understood by the examiner that it is introduction and that is body part. If your not sure about the exact person quote please do not quoted.  Otherwise it looks very stupid.
  4. So what they expect in a good essay? They expect that put your own thoughts. You put your own personality. You put your piece of soul, show how can you think, how can articulate yourself. You have to show that your are not a robot who has memorized some books. You put your personality their. You combine that Arts of writing an essay and the science of writing an essay you combine both together and write a brilliant essay.
  5. Another important thing proper selection of topic. You have to write what is needed rather than writing what you know.

My best wishes to all of you